"Advancing conservation through tree planting, fostering more sustainable livelihoods, providing community support - these are our contributions to delivering a brighter future."

First of all

Who are we?

FILANA Madagascar is a non-profit organisation founded in 2010, dedicated to conserving natural forests in the Anôsy Region of south east Madagascar, and supporting the communities that depend on these resources. Since our founding in 2010, we have employed a range of methods, including direct conservation and community development initiatives, to achieve our goals.

One of our current projects focuses on providing fruit trees to small farmers in rural areas of Madagascar. These improved varieties yield more fruit over a longer season, increasing the income and nutrition available to these communities without requiring additional land to be cleared. This not only helps to conserve natural habitats and prevent deforestation, but also promotes economic stability and sustainability for farmers.

We believe that supporting youth and farmers to enter the green economy is key to driving sustainable development and food security in south east Madagascar. Thank you for considering supporting our efforts to improve the lives of the people in this region through initiatives such as our fruit tree project.