Our projects

Local People

Our interactions with local communities are a matter of ethics, not just a project. Our main objectives concerning local people are to:

  1. Direct donated funds and aid to the areas that need it most, with a focus on women, girls, and the disabled. We are currently managing a small donor-funded program that provides food assistance to mothers of disabled children.

  2. Promote green economic initiatives that enhance livelihoods while protecting the environment.

  3. Help local people benefit from sustainable tourism in a respectful and positive manner, allowing them to earn income from conservation efforts while prioritizing the protection of their communities.

  4. Educate local populations on environmental stewardship and lead by example in all of our actions.

By working towards these goals, we can inspire motivation and positive change in local communities.

Fruit Trees

FILANA has partnered with a local agribusiness to introduce more productive fruit tree varieties to local farmers, incentivizing their conservation efforts. Beyond simply offering fruit trees that yield higher quantities, our initiative prioritizes varieties with extended fruiting seasons, ensuring sustained income generation throughout the year. This extended harvest period not only enhances farmers' economic prospects but also enables better financial planning and investment in their farms and families, thereby uplifting their standard of living. Moreover, the longer fruiting season contributes to improved community nutrition by prolonging the availability of nutritious fruits, thus addressing food insecurity concerns. In essence, our fruit tree project represents a sustainable and impactful approach to tackling various challenges, including food security, deforestation, and economic development, with the extended fruiting season serving as a crucial component of our multifaceted efforts.

Direct Conservation

Between 2010 and 2022, Association FILANA diligently managed the private protected area known as Sainte Luce Reserve, a vital link between fragments of rare ebony forest and the coastal ecosystem, nurturing it to become an integral part of the landscape where the littoral forest meets the sea. With a dedicated team based at our camp within the reserve, we conducted regular patrols, maintained trails, and embarked on ecological restoration efforts, particularly focused on river mangroves and areas affected by natural disasters like cyclones. Over the span of a decade, our tireless efforts garnered praise from visitors who hailed our management as near miraculous, fostering a profound sense of stewardship within the local community, leading to a remarkable cessation of human-induced damage to the forest, now revered by many as almost sacred. Witnessing the resurgence in local wildlife population has been our most gratifying achievement. As of the end of 2022, Sainte Luce was handed over to new stewards with different objectives, and we extend our best wishes for their endeavors. Currently, FILANA is nurturing a new direct conservation project, poised to continue our legacy of preserving Madagascar's precious ecosystems.