We have three main aims with regard to local people.  


1. To channel donated funds & aid to where they are needed most, with the minimum possible administrative expense, with a focus on women & girls and the disabled.  We are currently managing a small fund in support of mothers of disabled children.

2.  To engage local people with tourists in a positive way, to promote information and culture exchange, via innovative, sustainable tourism projects, always with the protection of local people at the forefront of our ethics.

3. To encourage environmental stewardship amongst the local population, as "leaders by example" in everything that we do.



We have been engaged in forestry and conservation of the natural environment for many years.  Apart from managing a private protected area for over 10 years, we have created publications about mangroves, sea turtles, and other important local subjects, for children, in the local language and taught many local people, especially children, about their unique species & about the reality of species loss, habitat degradation and extinction.  We have planted many many hectares of trees and over 10,000 mangroves with our staff and many volunteers over the last decade.  We have funded research by Malagasy botanists and facilitated numerous foreign researchers to study the precious and unique littoral forests of our region, and through that research we have done new botanical inventories and lodged many hundreds of specimens at the herbarium in the Tsimbazaza Zoological and Botanic Gardens in Antananarivo (PBZT) via our collaboration with that institution.  We continue to plant trees as something that we love to do, and as our contribution to the future of the planet.



As individuals, we have been engaged in town beautification projects for decades.  As a group, we maintain a small public park, and we manage our own tree-nursery specialised in growing-on landscaping plants for urban planting and urban dune stabilisation here in Fort Dauphin.  In our nursery you will not find many flowers, rather, you will find thousands of sturdy pandanus and other trees naturally suitable for our harsh coastal environment.


We have a decades-long history of supporting various sporting and cultural events such as football, surfing and long-distance running, and we maintain a close relationship with a number of sportspeople who have received our support for over a decade.